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The cake designer live resin is a dab-packed 70/30 Indica cross of Thin Mint GSC & Grape Pie, known for its delicious flavors profile and supremely relaxing high. Cake Waves of relaxation wash over you after just a few puffs of this sweet treat. Releasing anxiety and tension from the neck and shoulders until a full-bodied relaxation is achieved.  The insanely delicious flavor and powerfully relaxing effects will take the cake designer resin to the top of your favorites list. A great choice for unwinding after work, days off, and quiet evenings with your special someone. Cake is also a good choice for those seeking relief from stress and anxiety.

Available cake designer live resin

  • Paradise cake
  • apple fritters
  • Gator breath
  • Strawberry banana
  • Lemon cake
  • Cherry runtz

Top effects of live resins and thc concentrates

Thc diamonds for sale in California have a number of reported effects. Cake wax thc diamonds nonetheless are amongst these. Some of the top reported effects include the following:

  • Relaxed; Cake live resins causes a sense of relaxation and improve your ability to rest and take a breath
  • Happy;  Cake live resins also cause a sense of euphoria and leave you feeling very happy.
  • Uplifted; Lastly they help you feel uplifted and joyful with a jolt of energy.

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