Oreoz backpackboyz




Oreoz backpackboyz

Firstly, backpack boyz oreoz is one of the top trending strains on the market today. Oreoz backpackboyz was only recently founded by the company and its perfect to achieve all sorts of highs. Buy backpack boyz oreoz online here and backpack boyz weed for sale here always and anytime only at OG Cannabis Dispensary. We offer the oreoz as well as other backpackboyz products such as lemon cherry gelato, blue guava gelato, white bubblegum gelato, italian ice and a host of others. Buy these products online here.

The oreoz strain

Backpack boyz oreoz, additionally known a “Oreo Cookies” and “Oreos,” is a powerful half breed maryjane strain made by intersection Cookies and Cream with Secret Weapon. This strain delivers a dependable and loosening up high. Shoppers should accept alert as the high intensity of Oreoz might be overpowering to those new to cannabis. This strain has a fragrance suggestive of open air fire s’mores, with additional delectable traces of chocolate and diesel. Clinical maryjane patients use Oreoz to assist with mitigating side effects related with craving misfortune, a sleeping disorder, ongoing pressure and sadness. Producers say this strain has thick buds that are uneven, long, and neon green in shading with golden hairs and sparkling trichomes.

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Available flavors

  • Lemon cherrry gelato
  • blue guava gelato
  • white cherry gelato
  • White bubble gum gelato
  • italian ice
  • backpackboyz 99



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